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Carl Travis Internet Marketing

Let My Team of SEO Expert’s and Professional Internet Marketers Help You Get The Results Your Business Needs

We have no need for flashy websites or sales gimmicks as our results will speak for themselves. No two clients are the same and we will evaluate each situation individually to put together a marketing strategy that works.

Carl Travis Internet MarketerMy name is Carl Travis and I am a Internet marketer, domain investor and SEO expert who has extensive knowledge of  SEO strategies and other internet marketing tactics that can help improve exposure and sales for online properties.

What is a Internet Marketer? Well according to Google its me. Click here to take a look at googles search results for the phrase “internet marketer“. Normally Google has me somewhere at the top.

My definition of a internet marketer is someone who understands how to use the internet to make money for themselves or their clients through various online marketing methods.

I work online full time as a internet marketer promoting several business’s of my own as well as my clients businesses. I am able to rank websites in Google for search terms that attract the right kind of traffic to a webpage. This is traffic that converts browsers to buyers and makes me and my clients money everyday. I have a strong preference to what we call “organic” traffic. This is traffic where the customers find the business through a free search on google. The ability to get webpages to rank like this is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I have studied SEO since I was young having my first SEO company at the age of 18 then selling it. I am now 29 and my years of experience online has made me a SEO expert.

I also have plenty of experience in pay per click marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing just a strong preference for SEO.

I have used my internet marketing skills and SEO abilities to produce profits for my personal offline businesses such as a small bed and breakfast on a remote island. Through my methods marketing it 100% online I took my business from $0 in reservations to $8k plus a month in reservations in less then a year. This is only a 4 room B&B in a very remote location.

I also have used the same methods on 100’s of websites many of which I have sold for hefty profits and some that still bring me in money every day.

Outside of my personal projects I focus a lot of time now on consultations for online and offline businesses helping them get more traffic and more customers for a much lower cost than traditional advertising.

As you can tell my plate is full and I stay very busy as a Internet marketer.

This website is a hub for information on my various products and services as well as an access point for my help desk. I will also try to update my blog when I have time with helpful tips and tricks for other internet marketers.

Those who join my mailing list will receive even more internet marketing tips and tricks as well as insane deals on my services and products. Follow some of my tips and you could find out how easy it is to become a SEO expert yourself.

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Carl Travis

Internet Marketer, Domain Name Investor and SEO Expert